Design and Development

I previously worked as a UX Generalist for a warehouse operations and robotics company. I started as the sole UX employee and was responsible for every aspect of the UX process including research, testing, and design.  I designed over twenty workflows and multiple variations of them.  I also created a new design system and worked with project managers and developers closely to build and deploy it.

Unfortunately I was not given permission to use that work in my portfolio but I am happy to talk through what I was able to create. You can also get a look at the interface in action in this interactive experience.

Kodak Photo Kiosk

I was part of a team that first recreated the graphics for the existing photo kiosk and then redesigned it entirely to work on updated hardware.  I was able to participate in designing and testing the user experience, user interface, and final graphics for the kiosk.

Mimio Wizard

Working with the Content Team, I designed the UX and UI for a new widget integrated into the existing Mimio software that allowed teachers to quickly build a custom activity to add to their interactive lesson.

Smithsonian Mosaic Kiosk

The Smithsonian commissioned a kiosk that would capture the user's image and, using the library of Smithsonian images, recreate it as a mosaic.  Additionally, the Smithsonian wanted to allow people to join their mailing list so this image could be emailed home and the email collected for future emails.  I assisted in the UI design and then developed the software.

Space Center Houston, My First Words

The client wanted an interactive that allowed the user to record a simulation of their first words on Mars like Neil Armstrong on the moon.  It took the user's picture and distorted the recorded audio to add static and other effects.  I designed the user experience and user interface.

Space Center Houston, Packing for the Trip

I was tasked with designing the user experience and user interface for an interactive simulating preparing for a trip to mars.  The user needed to select items to bring on both the pre-trip automated rocket and the manned rocket the astronauts would fly on.

Space Center Houston, Dress an Astronaut

In this interactive the user was able to choose different options for a mars-bound space suit.  After all selections were made it was run through a battery of tests and the user received feedback.  I designed the user experience and user interface.

Pirate Experience

As part of a interactive theater, we build a map table that allowed users to choose their path through the show.  I designed the user interface and graphics for this map table.

AR Art Gallery

This portable, tablet based interactive enhanced a user's museum experience, allowing them to expand the available content and guide them through the space.  I designed the user experience.

Cave of the Winds, Map Table

This interactive map allowed users to explore location based content.  Up to four users can interact with the map at once, seeing locations on the map and content pertaining to those locations on their individual kiosks.  I designed the user experience and user interface.

Amazement Square, Screen Blob

This interactive encouraged kids to get away from their digital screens.  I developed the software for this interactive.

Amazement Square, What's in the Kitchen

To encourage children to eat healthier, this simple interactive let them choose between healthy and unhealthy snacks.  I developed this software.

Amazement Square, Set the Table

This interactive had kids catching the healthy food and avoiding the unhealthy food.  I developed the software for this interactive.

Detroit Fed Artifact Cases

I designed the layout and graphics for three artifact cases at the Detroit Fed.

UUA, Brave Souls Wall

This Kinect based wall interface allowed the user to interact through gestures and explore historic content from the Unitarian Universalist Association in Boston.  I developed the software, designed the UX, UI, and created the environment.

Graduate Thesis

For my graduate thesis at RIT I built an interactive game to teach users about the different types of stem cells and their potential scientific uses.

Graduate Projects

Various projects from grad school, including a prototype of my thesis, interactive portfolio prototype, and various games.

Barry Video Website

A design for a website for a local videographer.

Ivy Run Website

A design for a website selling riding accessories.

Print Design

Various print projects from over the years.