Design and Development

I previously worked as a UX Generalist for a warehouse operations and robotics company. I started as the sole UX employee and was responsible for every aspect of the UX process including research, testing, and design.  I designed over twenty workflows and multiple variations of them.  I also created a new design system and worked with project managers and developers closely to build and deploy it.

Unfortunately I was not given permission to use that work in my portfolio but I am happy to talk through what I was able to create. You can also get a look at the interface in action in this interactive experience.

DSC 1315 DSC 8203 DSC 8222 DSC 8202 DSC 1317 DSC 8225 DSC 1319 DSC 8227 DSC 1318 DSC 8238 DSC 1320 DSC 8234 DSC 8239 DSC 1836 DSC 8231 DSC 1838 DSC 8244 DSC 1839 DSC 1840 DSC 8247 DSC 8243 DSC 8246 DSC 8248 DSC 8245 DSC 8254 DSC 8253 DSC 8261 DSC 8250 DSC 8252 DSC 8251
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